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Major insurance claims handling

What do you need help with?

My property has been damaged by fire or there has been other large scale damage to it. What works are required to repair the damage? I need help in dealing with the buildings insurance company and loss adjusters. I need to make sure the full repair works are carried out at the insurer’s expense, and completed as quickly as possible.

What we can do for you.

We can inspect your property, meet the insurers or loss adjusters, prepare a schedule of repair works required, obtain estimates for the repairs, deal with the insurers or their loss adjusters and make sure the full repair works are carried out properly. Usually our costs for this are covered by the insurance policy.

Throughout the process we will keep in regular contact with you, ensuring your requirements are met, and that realistic completion timescales are kept wherever possible. We can also arrange for alternative accommodation where necessary. It can be a nightmare to sort out large scale damage to your property. We can take the drama out of your crisis.

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