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Report on Building Faults

What do you need help with?

There are cracks appearing in my property. What is happening and what needs to be done? I can see other faults at my property and I don’t know the cause or how to resolve the problem.

What we can do for you.

We can inspect the property, advise on the likely cause of the fault, its seriousness, and prepare a written report on the action to be taken.

When you have a structural problem with your property, it may be small and insignificant, but some building contractors may advise you incorrectly, to inflate repair costs. Alternatively, you may have what appears initially to be a small problem that is resulting from a serious structural problem, which if caught early, could minimise repair costs.

If structural problems are not dealt with promptly, the insurers may refuse to pay for costly structural repairs.

Either way, our experienced advice could save you large repair costs in the long term.

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